Data protection and recovery as a service

Ensure your data is backed up and recoverable in the event it goes missing or is corrupted

The TNN data protection and recovery as a service option is offered to clients as an optional extra to TNN ICT managed services agreement.

There are many important reasons why data protection and recovery are a critical aspect to organisations today. In today’s technology driven world, most businesses would be unable to operate if their data went missing or was corrupted. In addition to that, there are now many legislative requirements around holding data and being able to recover it in the event it goes missing. By adopting TNN’s data protection and recovery as a service option, you will ensure that your data is backed-up and can be recovered in the event that it is corrupted or goes missing. 

Key functions and benefits of the TNN Managed ICT data protection as a service option are:

Ensure operational recovery and business continuity with disaster recovery
Best practice data back-up including multiple back up and offsite back up storage
Physical server and cloud back up and hybrid options all considered and tailored to your business needs
Gap assessment and data protection design including access restrictions for staff
Data breach training and exercises for your staff
Data protection strategy and policies developed for your company
Bi-annual audit to assess staff knowledge and capability
24/7 remote monitoring of your back-up service to ensure it is functioning as expected
Significantly reduce recovery time in the event of data loss, breach or disaster reducing your exposure to operational loss

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