Hardware as a service

The hardware as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT devices whilst avoiding upfront capital expenditure

The TNN hardware as a service option is offered to clients as an optional extra to TNN ICT managed services agreement.

Renewing your fleet of ICT hardware every 3-5 years can be an expensive exercise and could require considerable upfront capital. The TNN hardware as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT hardware whilst avoiding upfront capital expenditure. TNN will organise finance and manage the full lifecycle of your ICT hardware, ensuring your business and staff realise business efficiencies and productivity that current and up to date hardware can provide.

Key functions and benefits of the TNN ICT managed Service – Hardware as a service option are: 

Latest hardware enabling enhanced productivity for your staff
Fully managed ICT life cycle from purchasing to retirement
Avoidance of upfront capital expenses
Improved cashflow of your business
Vendor relationship management through reputable ICT partners
Replacement of all hardware due to failure (when under warranty)
Full range of products are supported including desktop, laptop, server, desk phone and telephony devices, UPS, monitor, printers, router, switch, rack
A fully customisable solution to meet your business needs flexible terms over 12 to 60 months
The solution is aligned with your business strategic plan and roadmap
End of agreements options include asset buyout, hand back or extension
One simple monthly payment

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