Security as a service

The security as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT software

The TNN security as a service option is offered to clients as an optional extra to TNN ICT managed services agreement.

TNN will ensure your data is secure from unauthorised access which may end up compromising or corrupting your data, leaving it unavailable for use and exposing your business to significant costs. TNN employ a vast set of security measures to ensure your data remains secure. These can include a range of technologies, administrative controls and policies, staff training, physical security and other safe-guarding techniques that will limit access to unauthorised or malicious users and processes. We will work with you to ensure the security delivered to your business is the right fit for you.

Key functions and benefits of the TNN Managed ICT security and compliance as a service as a service option are: 

IT security policy developed and implemented within your business
Comprehensive security solutions across a wide range of business hardware including servers, PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones
Continuous monitoring of your network for threats and reporting showing the effects of your security solution
Multiple protection solutions available including anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, web security and web filtering all available
Ensure your companies data integrity, is kept secure and confidential
Antivirus software installed and managed throughout your network to protect your hardware and devices against viruses and malware attacks
Password management and multi-factor authentication for all your employees
Security awareness training on phishing, hacking and cyber security importance
Annual audit / test of your security system and report

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