Software as a service

The software as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT software

The TNN software as a service option is offered to clients as an optional extra to TNN ICT managed services agreement.

The software as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT software whilst avoiding lumpy annual charges. Software as a service eliminates the upfront costs of purchasing the software saving you money and time as updates, renewals and new subscriptions will be managed automatically so you only ever pay for the number of users needing the licence.

Key functions and benefits of the TNN Managed ICT software as a service option are:

Deploy and use the best software at a fraction of the price of a normal licence
Latest software paid via a monthly subscription
All software is easily updated, reducing time and cost of updating to the latest versions
Increase flexibility and avoid having too many or too few licences, as you flex subscriptions to the number of users in your business
Save time as upgrades an updates are managed automatically so all of your users will always have the same version
Quick setup and deployment of software with a cloud-based solution
Easy access for all of your users as all that is needed is an internet browser
Reduce costs by removing the need to store software on your server saving memory storage and associated costs
Access software from any workstation, tablet or mobile as subscriptions are user based, not hardware based

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