TNN web hosting and maintenance

TNN will host your website and perform maintenance and updates to ensure it is reliable, secure and performing optimally

A business website is one of the most critical assets a business owns. It is used to promote your business, advertise your products and services and allows customers to purchase these goods and services on-line 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

TNN website maintenance ensures your website operates as expected, is reliable and most importantly, secure. TNN will systematically review your website on a monthly basis to ensure everything is working as expected. We regularly take back-ups of your website so in the event that it goes down, it can be brought back on-line easily. Finally, we will apply all security upgrades to ensure your website is difficult to hack and remains protected against any malware attacks.

Features and benefits of TNN web hosting and maintenance services include:

Complete website hosting and renewal process
Complete back up of your website, enabling easy restoration in the event your website goes down
Australian based server
Website testing to ensure all links and forms are functioning as expected
Update core plugins and ensure software versions are up to date
Apply security updates
Website speed and performance optimisation
Manage sub domain, domain moves, mailbox changes and database modifications
Daily antivirus/ malware security scans

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