Annual Strategic Plan and Review​

Strategic planning engagement to secure your ICT future

Your outsourced TNN ICT Managed Service team will engage with you annually to review your business needs, existing environment and priorities. A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis will be undertaken to prepare an annual strategic ICT plan to align your ICT outcomes with your business needs. Providing you a framework for improved and informed ICT decisions when the time is right for your business budget.

An ICT strategic roadmap that is aligned to your business plan, is imperative to ensuring that your business needs will be met now, and into the future. ICT has changed from being solely a cost centre to a critical business driver for success. A lack of an ICT roadmap and plan often leads to poor purchasing decisions, resulting in an inefficient network, staff productivity issues and will result in a costly outcome for your business.

This engagement is limited to a high level plan encompassing the managed service, software and hardware provided by us. Where there is the scope encompassing a whole of business plan TNN will provide an outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) to engage with you to prepare a strategic technology roadmap to align your ICT outcomes with your business needs.

Benefits of the strategic ICT planning and review service include:

A dedicated and experienced team with over 20 year of experience in ICT strategy and network design.
An annual strategy meeting to clearly enunciate your business needs. A bi-annual meeting and report on progress against the roadmap.
Strategic ICT report including network performance, SWOT analysis, future requirements, budget forecast and ICT asset life cycle.
Risk assessment.
3-year ICT asset replacement roadmap.
Vendor and supplier review.

At TNN, we take the time to understand your business needs and our strategic ICT planning and review service will ensure your ICT roadmap and business plan are aligned. We will know your goals and strive to ensure progress towards them is achieved. 

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