Desktop Asset Management

Let TNN manage your desktop asset lifecycle from purchase to retirement

Under our managed service agreement, we work with you to manage the lifecycle of your workstation and server assets. ICT asset management and the TNN strategic ICT planning and review services are integral to the TNN managed service offering, driving the productivity of your staff with the right ICT asset.

Managing your valuable desktop and server hardware and operating systems is critical to ensuring your network is fully functioning, secure and as productive as possible. We work with you through the full life cycle of your workstation and server assets, from planning and purchasing through to retirement to ensure maximum value for you. We actively monitor the market for improved solutions and products and proactively ascertain how these could add value to your business.

Key functions and benefits of your TNN ICT Managed Service Desktop asset management are:

Optimum productivity tools in the hands of your staff all the time improving efficiencies, minimising waste and facilitating team collaboration.
Full asset lifecycle management – provisioning, configuration, maintenance, repurposing or retirement and disposal.
Considered and well-planned asset program, improving purchasing decisions.
Improved accuracy of forecasting, budgeting and reducing cashflow impacts.
Managed, considered and timely retirement of non-performing assets.
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Maintained current asset database, including capacity management and utilisation reporting.
Software renewal, maintenance, updates and upgrades.
Actively monitor the market for new products which may deliver better value to your business.
Application of predictive failure algorithms to ensure maximum uptime.

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