ICT Vendor Management

Let TNN manage all of your ICT vendors, purchases, and renewals

Empower your organization in the ICT space to take appropriate measures ensuring excellent service deliverability, reducing potential risks related to vendors, controlling costs and deriving value from ICT vendors in the long-run.

Delivering the best ICT solutions requires the coordination of multiple vendors, products and services. Our vendor ICT vendor management service enables you to invest in ICT assets and services delivering maximum capability with minimum risk. TNN have over 20 years’ experience of coordinating ICT solutions with multiple vendors and we have the expertise, processes and networks to deliver the right solution to you. We coordinate all ICT vendors on your behalf to deliver a truly valuable, efficient and seamless solution.

Features and benefits of ICT vendor management include:

Complete management of your ICT vendors, products and services.
Drive value and reduce costs of your ICT asset and service.
We have relationships with national and international suppliers and can negotiate the best value (pricing) and services on your behalf.
Increase the quality and consistency of your ICT purchases.
Includes hardware (HP, Lenovo, Cisco, UniFi, to name a few), software (Microsoft, GFI, Trend Micro, and more), NBN and telecommunications vendors, subscriptions and services.
We ensure all ICT purchases are conducted in coordination with your strategic ICT plan and asset management plan.
Aggregate vendor management with TNN, making it easier for you to focus on your business goals, while TNN adds agility and flexibility to your ICT environment.
Actively monitor the market for new products which may deliver better value to your business.

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