Identity and Access Management

Let TNN manage all of your user accounts from creation through to retirement

Identity and access management is a critical process in any business ICT system, as it is inextricably linked to the security of the system and productivity of your staff members in today’s digitally enabled economy.

TNN will manage all of your employee and service user accounts, email accounts, settings, privileges, and subscriptions at the commencement, during and termination of their employment. You and your staff needn’t worry about how or if an employee has the right access, we make it happen. With our tried, tested and proven workflow user account management is efficient and accurate.

Key functions and benefits of your TNN ICT Managed Service Identity and access management include: 

Complete management of all your user accounts from creation, changes in the user’s needs, through to retirement.
Simple online request form for the creation, changes / updates and retirement of user accounts and profiles.
Including Email, Windows, Microsoft office, company applications, printers and security configurations.
Accounts ready for the provisioning of new hardware and software as part of the ICT asset management service for new users.
Group based access control for simple and easy setup, management, audit and retirement.
The transfer of access privileges related to workflows when an employee leaves the organisation and a new employee commences.
Regular user profile audit to ensure the permissions that are in use are in-line with expectations and policy.
Monitoring of user accounts for any malicious or illegal activity.
User account password management and updates.

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