Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance, and Updates

A proactive approach to managing your network will result in fewer issues, increased uptime and more productive staff

The TNN network monitoring, maintenance and update service is offered to clients as part of a managed services agreement and forms one of the core offerings for that service.

Our proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network, servers and workstations ensures that detected issues are identified and resolved before you even notice them. This ensures optimum performance of your ICT equipment yielding the best productivity for your staff. We will perform all operating system patching and system updates for all applications to ensure your workstations are always current, minimising risk to your data and optimum productivity from your investment.

Key functions and benefits of the TNN ICT Managed Service Proactive network monitoring, maintenance and updates are: 

A significant reduction in system faults, less downtime and more productive staff.
24/7 automated remote monitoring and management of your servers, workstations and networks.
Fully qualified technical staff experience in network monitoring, maintenance and upgrades since 1996.
Leveraging state-of-the art help desk tools Connectwise Manage™, Connectwise Automate™ and Connectwise Control™.
Proactive daily health check and analysis of your network by our technicians.
Complete maintenance of your server, workstations and network.
Regular server restart (where applicable), network and analysis, report and update on the health of your network.
All issues resolved with minimum involvement or interruptions to your staff.
Automated fault resolution through advanced scripting means issues are resolved before symptoms even appear.
All application system updates and upgrades applied to your servers and workstations.

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