TNN ICT Knowledge Base

Improve your staff capabilities with access to the TNN knowledge base

When partnering with TNN under a managed service agreement, you will gain access to our TNN knowledge base. This growing dynamic repository of ICT best practices will assist you in further enhancing your systems driving staff productivity. TNN staff are available to assist in the application of these practices in your environment where assistance is required.

Features and benefits of the TNN ICT knowledge base include:

Improve the security of your network by improving staff knowledge and understanding of ICT security threats, malware and viruses.
Drive the productivity of your workforce by giving them access to ICT best practice and training guides, to improve their knowledge and understanding.
Gain access to a wide range of articles showcasing best practices, procedures and policies for ICT solutions.
Improving staff knowledge of ICT networks and systems enhances their ability to assist TNN in the diagnosis of issues leading to faster resolution times where problems occur.
Keep your staff informed with an updated library and mail-outs of relevant ICT industry content, including the latest useful features and threats to ICT security.
The rollout of security best practices with the assistance of TNN staff (additional fees may apply).
Access to TNN ICT policies for use and adaption in your own organisation.
Enable your staff to perform updates to their devices improving your network security and driving staff operational efficiency.

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