TNN's Managed ICT Services & Solutions

Partnering with The Northern Network under our ICT Managed Service offering will enable your business to increase operational efficiency, improve network security, and ensure business continuity.

We offer a comprehensive core service and flexible addons for businesses in need of a reliable, secure and productive ICT environment with high quality solutions and services. 

Core ICT Managed Service

The core of our ICT Managed Services package will help your business grow by handling the core responsibilities of your IT and communication requirements.

These core services include:

Documentation and mapping of your ICT network
Fixed monthly operational expense

Service Addons

Service Addons are additional ICT services that can be added to our core managed service product.

These services are fully customizable to cater to your business needs and you can include what you need.

Below is a list of optional addons that may be available.

Core ICT Managed Service Details

Unlimited Help Desk Support

Core Service

Your own help desk support team.

Unlimited help desk support is part of our ICT managed services agreement and forms one of the core offerings for you and your staff.

Our TNN help desk team and support portal efficiently track, manage and facilitate the resolution of service requests and incidents keeping your team productive.

A service upgrade to Unlimited 24/7 help desk support is available as an option on request.

Improved staff productivity with less downtime for your business.
Highly trained local technicians living in Northern NSW.
Remote support access to provide quick action wherever you are.
Log your incident easily via phone, email or through the TNN portal.
Leveraging state-of-the art help desk tools Connectwise Manage™, Connectwise Automate™ and Connectwise Control™.

Annual Strategic Plan and Review​

Core Service

Matching your ICT with your business growth.

TNN can engage with you annually to review your business needs and priorities to design a strategic ICT roadmap so your technology assets keep up with your business.

This will help you make an informed decision about when the time is right for your business to adapt your ICT services. This engagement is limited to service plans encompassing the managed services, software and hardware provided by TNN.

A service upgrade to an outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) is available as an option on request.

Tap into the knowledge of an experienced team with over 20 years in ICT strategy.
An annual meeting to clearly identify your changing business needs, and bi-annual report on progress.
Assess your ICT risks, suppliers and vendors to make better business decisions.
Benefit from a 3-year ICT asset replacement roadmap so you don't get left behind.

Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance, and Updates

Core Service

Fewer issues, increased uptime and more productive staff.

TNN’s proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure your network, servers and workstations issues are identified and resolved before you even notice them. This ensures optimum performance of your ICT equipment and the best productivity for your staff.

We perform all operating system patching and system updates for all applications to ensure your workstations are always current, minimizing risk to your data and optimizing efficiency of your assets.

A significant reduction in system faults, less downtime and more productive staff.
24/7 automated monitoring and management of your servers, workstations and networks.
Proactive daily health check and analysis of your network by our technicians.
Complete maintenance of your server, workstations and network.
Automated fault resolution means issues are resolved before you know about them.

Desktop Asset Management

Core Service

Manage your PC, laptop, tablet and desktop devices.

Managing your valuable desktop and server hardware and operating systems is critical to ensuring your network is fully functioning, secure and as productive as possible.

We’ll work with you through the full life cycle of your workstation and server assets, from planning and purchasing through to retirement to ensure maximum value and efficiency for your business.

A service upgrade to Hardware as a Service is available as an option on request.

Full asset lifecycle management – provisioning, configuration, maintenance and retirement.
Improved forecasting, budgeting and cashflow impacts of ICT purchases.
Review and retire under-performing assets that impact productivity.
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Maintained asset database with utilisation reporting.
Software renewal, maintenance, updates and upgrades.

Identity and Access Management

Core Service

Manage all of your user accounts from creation through to retirement.

Identity and access management is a critical process in any business ICT system. It is directly linked to the security of your business and productivity of your staff.

TNN will manage all of your employee and service user accounts, email accounts, settings, privileges, and subscriptions from commencement to termination.

A service upgrade to Security as a Service is available as an option on request.

Complete management of all user accounts from creation through to retirement.
Simple online request form for all account and access requests.
Easily transfer access when employees change roles or leave the organisation.
Monitoring of user accounts for malicious activity or permission conflicts.
User password management and recovery.

ICT Vendor Management

Core Service

TNN can manage all of your ICT vendors, purchases, and licenses.

ICT vendor management enables you to invest in ICT assets and services delivering maximum capability with minimum risk. TNN have over 20 years’ experience of coordinating ICT solutions with the expertise, processes and networks to deliver the right solution to you.

We coordinate all ICT vendors on your behalf to deliver a truly valuable, efficient and seamless solution.

Complete management of your ICT vendors, products and services.
TNN can leverage relationships with larger suppliers to negotiate the best value on your behalf.
Includes hardware, software, web services, NBN and telecommunication subscriptions and services.
Stay current with new products or services that deliver better value to your business.

TNN Knowledge Base

Core Service

Gain access to our TNN knowledge base.

This dynamic repository of ICT best practices will assist you in further enhancing your systems driving staff productivity. TNN staff are available to assist in the application of these practices where assistance is required.

Improve staff knowledge of ICT security threats, malware and viruses.
Increase staff productivity with ICT best practice and training guides.
Keep informed with relevant updates on features and threats to ICT security.
Access to TNN ICT policies for use and adaption in your own organisation.
Empower your staff to perform updates to their devices to improve your security.

Addon Services For Core Customers

24 x 7 Helpdesk

Addon Service

Upgrade your helpdesk to 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

If your business operates around the clock, you may need increased access to a 24/7 helpdesk to ensure your business can continue to operate in the event your ICT services go down overnight.

This ensures that your organisation can continue working around-the-clock and that issues are dealt with immediately, opposed to waiting for a response during business hours.

Access to help desk staff 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
Improved staff productivity with less downtime on your ICT network.
Customer focused highly qualified technical support staff.
Log your incidents via phone, email or through the TNN portal

Data Protection & Recovery Service

Addon Service

Data backup, redundancy and recovery.

Most businesses would be unable to operate if their data went missing or was corrupted. Don’t make that mistake.

TNN can help you manage your data storage and protection requirements and help you recover your data in the event of failure. 

Best practice data back-up including multiple back up and offsite back up storage.
Physical server, cloud back up and hybrid options possible.
Data breach training and exercises for your staff.
24/7 remote backup monitoring and data protection strategy.
Significant reduction in recovery time so you can get back to business.

Hardware as a Service

Addon Service

Leverage new generation devices without upfront costs.

Renewing your ICT hardware every 3-5 years can be an expensive exercise and could require considerable upfront capital. The TNN hardware as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT hardware whilst avoiding this steep upfront cost.

TNN can organize finance and manage the full lifecycle of your ICT hardware, ensuring your business and staff leverage the benefits current and next generation equipment can provide.

Improve staff productivity and capability with the latest hardware.
Fully managed hardware life cycle from purchasing, to upgrade to retirement.
Avoid steep upfront capital expenses with flexible terms over 12 to 60 months.
Replacement of all hardware due to failure under warranty.
Full range of products including desktop, laptops and tablets, servers, desk phone and telephony devices, UPS, monitors, printers, network hardware, and more.

Software as a Service

Addon Service

Adopt the latest software services and pay for only what you need.

The TNN software as a service option is offered to clients as an optional extra to TNN ICT managed services agreement.

Software as a service eliminates the upfront costs of purchasing software saving you money and time as updates, renewals and new subscriptions will be managed automatically so you only ever pay for the number of users needing a license.

Deploy and use the best software at a fraction of the price of a normal licence.
Increase scalability as you flex subscriptions to the number of users in your business.
Save time as upgrades an updates are managed automatically so all of your users will always have the same version.
Quick setup and deployment of software with a cloud-based solution and support.
Access software from any workstation, tablet or mobile as needed.

Website Management, Performance & Security

Addon Service

Run an online business with real life support.

Your business website is a fundamental asset for customer information, marketing, sales and business identity.

Building and managing your website with TNN means we look after your domains, hosting, configuration, backups and monthly maintenance to ensure your website is accessible and secure at all times.

We are also able to integrate new software and features so you can continue to grow your online capability quickly and seamlessly.

Complete one stop solution for domain, hosting and email platform.
Regular backups of your website for easy recovery in the event your website goes down.
Australian based servers and support team.
Routine updates and website speed, security and performance optimization.

Outsourced CIO Service

Addon Service

Your own Chief Information Officer.

ICT has changed and is now a critical business driver for success. A lack of an ICT roadmap and plan can lead to poor decision making, staff inefficiencies and a very costly technology outcomes.

Your outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) will engage with you to prepare a strategic ICT roadmap to align your ICT outcomes with your unique business needs.

A dedicated and experienced virtual Chief Information Officer with over 20 year of experience in ICT strategy and network design.
Strategic ICT report including network performance, SWOT analysis, future requirements, capital forecast and ICT asset lifecycle..
ICT Risk assessment.
Forecast capital replacement program.
Vendor and supplier review.

Security as a service

Addon Service

The security as a service option allows your business to operate the latest ICT software

Ensure your data is secure from unauthorized access which leaves your business inoperable or exposed to expensive recovery and litigation.

TNN employ a vast set of security measures to ensure your data remains secure. These may include administrative controls and policies, staff training, physical security and other safe-guarding techniques that will limit access to unauthorised or malicious users and processes.

We will work with you to ensure the security delivered to your business is the right fit for you.

IT security policy developed and implemented within your business
Multiple protection solutions available including anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, web security and web filtering all available .
Ensure your companies data integrity, is kept secure and confidential.
Antivirus software installed and managed throughout your network to protect your hardware and devices against viruses and malware attacks.
Password management and multi-factor authentication for all your employees.
Security awareness training on phishing, hacking and cyber security importance for your staff.
Annual audit, testing and report of your security system.

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We use TNN for all of our computer works, trouble shooting and any problems.

They are a highly professional outfit and have basically provided a one stop shop for our companies.

Well done guys!

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I have been using TNN for over two decades now. I have always found their IT services prompt and professional.

Would highly recommend.

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